This modern relaxation centre offers 13 indoor and outdoor swimming pools, steam saunas, diamond and sapphire pools, childrens pools, whirlpools, massage jets, jacuzzis, waterfalls and many other water attractions.
The thermal water in AquaCity has many powers and can help with mobility, respiratory ailments, circulation, nervous disorders and can aid skin problems. In the outside pools you can relax all year round. For children and adults alike, there are water slides, wild water and steep slides, toboggans, wild water and water fountains. You will experience an unforgettable family fun day.
The K-Vital beauty centre, a health and beauty wellness centre offering numerous aesthetic treatments and body massages including full body Cryotherapy (cold spa treatment by -120 *C) for just €10.
The water in the thermal pools originates from an underground lake, 1300m below the earth’s surface. The water contains more than 20 different beneficial minerals.
LOMNICKY PEAK BY A CABLE CAR (Tatranska Lomnica 20mins drive)
Do you want to admire the beauty of the High Tatras from the top of the mountains but do not have the courage and skill to conquer them? Go on a trip to the 'Lomnicky Stit' by a cable car. The ride alone will certainly be an adventure as it overcomes the difference in height of more than 1700 metres and it will take you to an altitude of 2634 m above sea level. In fine weather the summit of the Lomnicky Peak offers a unique panoramic views and if the visibility is good, on a clear day you will be able to see as far as the Polish lowlands, or on the other side you will be able to view as much as the fifth of the country. Visit in the winter or the summer.
It is the highest settlement in the High Tatras, the character of this area is created by a 19,76 hectare lake which is the second largest on the Slovak side of the High Tatras. Strbske Pleso was founded as the center of tourism with recreation facilities and a winter sport complex and is a starting point of many attractive excursions and trips in the mountains. The tradition of rowing at Strbske Pleso Lake is more than 130 years old.
There are 11 stylish wooden rowing boats and 1 sports boat by the new pier at the Lake. Enjoy this special experience, take a walk around the picturesque mountain lake and admire the beautiful panoramic views over Poprad and beyond, enjoy a hot cup of tea in the cafe on the edge of the lake or visit restaurant Patria Koliba.
Poprad is the entrance gate into the High Tatras. A cultural town with shops, restaurants and bars, has an ancient centre and its own international airport. Both the town and the region itself have a rich history and culture, evolved over many centuries, which is evident in the beautiful churches and historic bohemian buildings of the region.
Sledging day and night at Hrebienok - Starý Smokovec. Take a funicular to Hrebienok and enjoy a ride on the 2.5 km long sledge track.
Frolic on the well groomed lit until late at night track. Sledges can be hired in the rental located next to the lower station of the cable car. The track is open daily from 8:30 to 16:30.
Night sledging three times a week, every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 7-9pm. Sledge hire €6, 1 ride by funicular + sledge €8, 2 hrs funicular + sledge €18, 2 hrs funicular rides only €13.
Enjoy a great day full of fun and packed with adrenaline in the resort Hrebienok! A great fun also for non-skiers.
Try snowtubing, skifox - an ideal combination of skiing and sledge, snowbike - a snow bicycle with mini skis instead of wheels
, snowscoot - a mix of BMX and snowboard. Open daily 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Reasonably priced at €5 for an hour or €15 for a full day.
Part of the town Poprad - with its 753 year history- is one of the most beautiful villages, with its cobbled and uniquely well preserved medieval central square. Towering churches and painted Medieval buildings were visited by Queen Elizabeth II. in 2008.
Thermal swimming-pool in Vrbov is open all year round and incorporates ten pools within the premises, from which four pools are for children. Temperature of water in pools is from 26 °C to 38 °C.
Thermal mineral water has beneficial effects on kinetic and nerve system, respiratory and cardiovascular system.
Within an easy drive of Poprad, 200 meters above the surrounding land, located on a dolomite rock, there is one of the most precious cultural monuments – Spiš Castle (Spišský hrad). It is an evidence of a huge architectural development from the 12th to 18th century and with its area of 41426 m2 – one of the largest castles in Central Europe.
History of the castle is very rich. It was built in the 12th century and through its history it had many owners such as Hungarian kings, the Szapolyai family, the Thurzo family, the Csaky family. Since 1945 Spiš Castle has belonged to Slovakia.
Closer still is the walled Medieval town of Levoča, with many buildings from the Gothic and Renaissance periods.
St. James’s Church in the town of Levoča belongs to the biggest gothic churches in Slovakia. It is a functioning cathedral for more than 700 years.
Apart from the church architecture, the works of the medieval well-known woodcarver Master Pavol from Levoča as well as the works of the baroque jeweler Ján Szillassy are protected as a National Cultural Monuments and are the most important monuments of sacral art in Slovakia. The main altar is the most admired one, at the same time it is the highest gothic altar in the world (18.62 m high).
Present day Levoča is an urban cultural historical reservation. It was founded in the middle of 13th century, after the Tatars raided the local lands. Successively it became the most important town in the Spiš region.
In the historical center, you will find more than 50 gothic, renaissance and early-baroque houses of nobles with arcade interior courtyards. The original town walls from the 14th and 15th century still remained preserved around the town center and they are about 2 km long.
Belianska Cave is located on the northern slope of Kobylieho Mount in the eastern Belianske Tatras. The entrance is at an altitude of 890m and is accessable from the trail Tatranská Kotlina (Tatranska Valley). The cave is 3640m long with the altitude difference of 160m. Sinter waterfalls (High Dome, Dome SNP waterfall Cathedral, Music Hall) and the pagoda-like stalagmites (Palm Hall) catch in the cave. Seven different kinds of bats have been found in the cave.
Pieniny National Park with its beautiful natural scenery and nearby Lubovniansky castle and museum of folk architecture are also popular tourist attractions in the region.

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